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We have been in times where branding and marketing have been the focal point of almost all brands.


Big brands are known to attract customers with big signs called channel letter signs. Wondering what this terminology means? Let’s dive deep into it.



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What is a channel letter sign?


Channel letter signs are a three-dimensional graphic element with a separate structure and illumination.

A channel letter sign can be anything ranging from a number, letter or another character that when combined with other similar characters makes into a sign presentation.  Channel letter signs are very flexible and they come in several varieties of fonts, colors as well as sizes.

There are four basic types of channel letters that you need to know as a business owner. One of the key differentiators among all of these types is how they have been illuminated.

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Standard Front-Lit Channel Letter – This is one of the most common types. It has aluminum on the side and the back. The “face” of each letter is illuminated internally by either LEDs or neon lights in the traditional front-lit channel letters. The trim caps that screw into the sign face can be made of plastic or aluminum, while the sign face itself is composed of either polycarbonate or acrylic, a form of plastic. Polycarbonate is more durable while acrylic is glossier. Standard front-lit channel letters are very customizable due to the materials utilized.

Indoor Channel Letter
Acrylic Letter Sign

Halo-Lit Letter – These channel letter signs are also called reverse channel-lit letters. They are lifted off the wall or a raceway and consist of aluminum faces and returns.  A halo effect is created as the positioning allows the neon or LED lights inside them to shine to the sides and cast a glow around each letter.

Front/Back-Lit Channel Letter- You want to get fancy then channel letter signs with yellow illuminated faces along with blue halo effects are for you! This kind of channel letter combines a standard front-lit letter with the halo-lit letter and looks perfect.

Backlit Channel Letter

Who Are We?

Started to actively perform in 1994, Boran Reklam is one of the leading firms in the outdoor advertisement sector as of now. We are giving our national and international customers a fast, qualified, and economical service that is laced with high-technology digital printing machines and amazing production quality. We have three brands under us including 3D adworks which is a printing technology that transforms static posters into dynamic posters and has been introduced in Turkey. FayansArt was developed after 1.5 years of research and development and has a personal printed wall product. Boran Scrolling System provides a professional scrolling system.

Boran Reklam offers a quality solution in digital printing with 360-degree solutions in large digital printing, exterior cladding, vehicle wraps, backlit and non-lit signs, and other outdoor applications and has been sharing it all over 20 years of experience with its valuable customers. The unlimited diversity and having the product as per your need is what makes us stand out in the entire industry and makes us a pro.

Boran Reklam as a Leading Signage Company

Why worry about having your channel letter sign when you can simply get yours from Boran Reklam, one of the top leading signage companies in Istanbul, Turkey. We are the needed solution for indoor and outdoor signage with our 25 years of experience in production and installation facilities. We are even experts in the most complex signage projects as we can get them ready in a short period with the highest precision for the best customer satisfaction. We have all the departments on every single step from survey to installation and we deal in Channel Letter Signs, Backlit, Reverselit, or Frontlit Channels, stainless steel signs and dimensional acrylic signs are the most suitable signs in the industry. We ship all over the world and our delivery time is 10 days. We deal in the following signs.

Channel Letter Signs – These channel letter signs are commonly used in the industry and are separate letters that are usually mounted onto your space. These are traditional signs that are produced in a 3D style made out of aluminum or acrylic and are typically lightened with LEDs from the face or the back.

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs – Prepared for easy installation by anyone these channel letter signs are lightened by LED. They include mounting elements and are 100% ready to install. Also, you will not be required to have any electrical knowledge as the instructions are all mentioned there. We use high-performance cast acrylic so that your light transition is perfect and it is illuminated with RGB LED colors and powder coating in all possible RAL colors.

Stainless Steel Letters – A perfect way to create a visual sign is stainless steel or brushed aluminum. Metal signs are eye-catching and with the corrosion-resistant qualities of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, you will be thankful. Stainless steel channel letter signs are great as entrance signs and company logos. We have a vast range of finished ones as well as mounting options that will help you to create the ideal sign for your company.

Pylon Signs And Monument- Also referred to as totem signs, pylon towers, and totem pole signage, pylon signs and monuments are tall signage advertising structures that can be placed on a bridge, shop, gate, or any business avenue. They come with easier installation and maintenance than other languages.  The good thing about pylons is that they represent your company just at the entrance.

With Borem Reklam you will always experience what you want. Our channel letter signs will be as per your order and with our expertise you will be exceeding your expectations. We have 10 days delivery time all over Europe and are under constant development with the help of our customer’s feedback we ensure to provide you with the best.



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