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UV Printing

Printing Technology on any kind of flat surface

UV (Ultraviolet) printing stands out with its durability against sunlight. The UV printing reduces the drying time of the inks by far less than 1 second, thus preventing the sun or the atmospheret from affectinh the printing. The prints are water resistant and are much more durable than other printing techniques.

In general, color lasts up to two years in solvent-based large format digital printing machines, while it could last for decades with UV printing. It creates more vivid and smooth colors compared to other types of prints. With Onyx interface program and rasterized image process, even RGB prints can be obtained in close colors.



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  • Excellent Printing Quality

  • Unlimited Images Options

  • Printing On any Kind Of Flat Surface

  • Large Format : 2500 x 3000 mm max size

  • Up to 5 cm Thickness

  • Excellent price offer for orders over 1000 sqm

  • Worldwide Shipping

Restaurant decoration with wood printing

UV Printing Surfaces

UV Printing creates perfect results on the surfaces of glass, wood, ceramics, tiles, PVC, canvas, metal and many other materials.

Printing can be applied on any material up to 5.08 cm thickness. It gives excellent results in glass, acrylic, Plexiglas, PVC, paperboard, wood, ceramic, forex, stainless sheets, composite etc …in short, on all materials with flat surfaces. Thanks to the direct printing possibility on hard materials, it does not require any process like plastering. Thus the color tones are protected like in their first day during the whole life of the material.

UV Printing Prices

UV Printing prices vary depending on the type of material being printed, where it will be used, size and metric, CMYK + White, or CMYK only. The size of the tiles to be used as well the place of usage with regards to printing on ceramics, also changes the price. Prices are calculated per square meters for materials such as glass, wood, metal, and per sheet in 3D lenticular products.

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You can create perfect decorative areas by UV printing on glass. As Boran Reklam we create more durable printings with our special protection system applied after UV printing on glass compared to normal printing system.


With UV Printing on wood will create a difference in restaurants, cafés and other places where wood is used and make them step forward. Printing can be done on various types of wood including wood printed products and flat surfaced woods up to 5 cm. thickness.


Acrylic printing is prominent with backlit applications and turns the atmosphere into something totally different. Pretty big sizes, with 205×305 cm sheet sizes, can be printed at once.


It is possible to have vivid and true colors that you haven’t seen before with UV printing on PVC foam, one of the most preferred materials in advertisement sector.


Composite is mostly used as a facade cladding material today. Thanks to UV printing technology on composites, you can have the design you wish on your sidings.


Fayans Art brand, under Boran Reklam, is professionalized in printing on ceramics and tiles. Thanks to the special protection system applied after printing, the printings are protected against any kind of chemical cleaning materials.

Check our digital UV Printing catalogue to see more application.

Boran UV Printing Catalogue

Usage is available as soon as the printing is complete. No additional time, such as for drying, is required. It does not have heavy odor or carcinogenic substances like solvent. UV printing does not damage the environment, it does not pollute, and people are not exposed to dangerous substances. Theoretically the best printing technique is provided by UV printing inks.

UV Digital printing provides sharp and detailed results in the best quality, thanks to CMYK printing system, compared to serigraphy. Printing can be done as many times as you need without having to print thousands of copies.

We also have Roll-to-Roll option. Printing can be made on many rolled materials such as vinyl, foil, canvas, paper and canvas. With 1440 dpi print quality, prints close to photo quality are obtained. The speed of 25 square meters per hour can be reached. This speed reaches 34 square meters on flatbed.

It features white color printing. White color printing, one of the biggest problems in UV printing machines in general, can be applied to all flat materials, either partially or to whole surface, with high quality.

20 Year Experience

If you are looking for a supplier that you will work long term, without problems, for your UV Printing needs, you are in the right place! We are pleased to see you among our references we gained with our 20 years of experience and solution-focused approach.

UV Digital Printing

Frequently Asked Questions about UV Printing

UV printing can be applied to any type of flat material whose surface can adhere paint.

UV Printing cannot be performed on objects which are not smooth and whose surface is uneven and curved due to printing systems.

If you want to get high quality prints, we recommend you to be sensitive in this regard. However, 0.3 mm is a tolerable height difference.

UV rays do not harm materials. However, expansion can be observed in very thin and plastic type materials.

The material has to be fully placed on the machine surface in order to receive sensitive prints. Therefore, the vacuum has to be applied to every material.

Yes, roll materials can also be printed thanks to the roll to roll UV Printing system.

With white ink available, white prints can be made in different layers.

Thanks to the white ink in UV printing, post-printing material is covered with white ink to get true colors.

Thanks to media profiles realized by Boran Reklam, it is possible to get approximate colors on every material.

There is no harm to the human health of the ink dried by UV rays after printing. Products produced with inks without gas release can even be used indoors.

Much more durable than solvent-based printing, UV printing has a 3-year warranty on the exterior. This warranty period varies according to different environments. It should be kept in mind that the colors would fade after a certain period even if the UV printing is applied.

The backlit in the products that are printed with special lighted printing system do not make any changes in the colors. However, the color of your light source is important.



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UV Printing Samples

Backlit Plexiglass UV Printing
PVC Foam UV Printing
Digital UV Printing on Wood
UV Printing on Composite
Custom Size Pool Tile Printing
White Acrylic Printing
UV Printing on Glass
Composite Warning signs UV Printing
Plexiglass UV Printing

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