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UV glass printing is an excellent product that is being used in the field of decoration. UV printing can be applied partially or completely applied on the glass without daubing with any extra material on the glass.
As you can see in glass-printed samples, it is possible to apply partial printing to the finest details, as well as white printing on glass. The biggest problem with the glass is that the glass has no pores to store the paint and the surface is very bright. UV inks that cannot hold on to the glass can easily come out of the glass surface. However, by applying special solution on the glass surface with the special solutions developed by Boran Reklam after the printing, this problem is eliminated. With these features, we can provide professional and perfect glass wall panels.

Permanent and high quality images can be obtained with 200 degree heat-dried paints thanks to UV lamps. Printing can be applied on all glass up to 5cm thickness and 250 x 300 cm size. Compared with digital printing; Digital printing on sun has a short life-span because the paint on the glass that is daubed by digital painting fades due to sun rays and the material daubed comes out after a certain period of time. In UV printing, however, the quality of print does not lose its first day’s vitality for 3 years. It is definitely a product that should be preferred in long-term planned projects.

Backlit aplication with custom printed glass.


We are serving many areas in terms of decoration with our ink system suitable for lamina glass applications. Along with the development of glass printing, it made a great breakthrough in the decoration sector, creating a greater variety of products. In decorative work, creative products always provide the possibility of being a step ahead of others. At this point, glass printing emerges as a product that you would use frequently in architectural works, home decorations, restorations, and store decoration.

Separator Glass Printing

You can use appropriate visuals for your concept or brand by applying the desired visuals on glass in offices, in hospitals, and in the glass used in the plazas. You can print at even on large size glasses thanks to the possibility of printing on 250 x 300 cm at once. You also have the possibility to see even the most delicate patterns thanks to 1440 dpi print resolution. You can also have the most efficacious colors, with a resemblance of 90%.

Glass Printing Divider for Hospital
Custom printing for kitchen backsplash on glass. Kitchen Backsplash printing.

Kitchen Backsplash UV Glass Printing

Backsplash UV glass printings is being used in many kitchens today. You can use these backsplash glass printing with many alternatives with regards to visuals and colors in your kitchens. With the usage of tempered glass, backsplashes are made resistant against breakage. The heat-resistant glass makes it easy to clean the kitchen due to its easily cleanable surface. Glasses made with water-based inks that have no side effects to human health can be safely used in kitchens.

You can have a look at our catalogue to have a glimpse on our Kitchen Backsplash UV Glass Printing samples.

Glass Printing in Architectural Spaces

Increasing use of glass printing in architectural areas is observed as a result of our long experience. The inks used in UV printing are also damaged by the application of glazing to the wall with silicone. Application areas are increased with the use of a special protective undercoat and silicone-resistant ink surface.
In many projects the prints are compressed between the two windows and are fully protected against scratches. This can be done with Eva Lamina. Eva Lamina can be used to perform smooth laminations with our prints that are applied many times in low temperature glass laminating operations. Thus, the products can be used for long periods indoors and outdoors.

UV Printing Glass can be laminated.


Glass printing prices vary greatly according to the volume and the type of work (4 colors, white, varnish). Particularly in continuous and voluminous work, the unit price can be quite low. You can get the best price by contacting us and sharing the project details.



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Samples of UV Printing on Glass

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