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With 20 years of experience we are pioneers in Wide Format Digital Printing sector in Turkey! We are at your side for your indoor and outdoor digital printing projects with our modern printing machines, finishing machines, and our experience and quality workmanship. Fast, quality and affordable service in self adhesive printing, vinyl, one way vision, mesh and all digital printing types.

Here you can see a large number of corporate customers that we are glad to continue to serve. With our R & D work, we are increasing the already high quality of service provided by our experience in the sector and customer-oriented work. Thus, we became one of the firms that come to mind when talking about “Large Format Digital Printing“.



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Digital printing is a high quality, fast way to convert visuals into advertisements with graphical designs created on computerized media applied in different areas and on different materials. Foil, one way vision, vinyl, mesh are indispensable materials for digital printing. In our country, solvent and water based ink printing is mostly preferred. However, in the past few years, UV Printing has begun to come to the forefront.

High Quality Digital Printing
Large Format Building Cover

Banner Printing

Banner has been used in retail advertising for a protracted because of the high-impact graphics and sturdy material that make a effective, affordable products. Banner advertising is right for retail promotions, new store openings, events and exhibitions. Boran Reklam can create a tailored product that captures your message and catches the eye of your audience through our high-quality print and colours.

Large Format Poster Printing

Large poster printing has been a popular way of promoting and advertising a brand’s message for several years.  While it’s a very competitive area, a effective campaign can capture the public’s attention, delivering ROI.

Large Format Poster Printing
Exhibition and Stand Display Printing

Exhibition and Stand Display Printing

Boran Reklam specialised within the production and installation of  PVC banners, self adhesive materials, exhibition graphics, and letter signage for live events. Our skilled, knowledgeable team will find out an retail print solution to fit your budget; and additionally our team will check every usable space is maximised.

Digital Printed Wallpaper

Why have boring walls in your offices or retail area once you could liven them up with spirited, durable, high-quality digital wallpaper that includes any artwork of your choice?


Our digital wallpaper can change the looks of any wall, whether for an retail display or specific products promotion, or permanent for a workplace. It can even be used in a home spaces, if you’re keen to make something different for an interior design client.

Wide Format Digital Printed Wallpaper

Large Format Printing: Assessment and Preparation

When it comes to the world of printing, the magnified scale and detail of large format printing present its own unique challenges and rewards. Undertaking a large format printing project requires meticulous planning to ensure superior output quality.

The first step in large format printing is a thorough needs analysis. Before sending an image to the printer, it’s paramount to have a clear understanding of the intended use of the printed material. Are you creating an outdoor banner for a corporate event or an indoor art piece for a gallery? Each purpose dictates different specifications. The desired dimensions, location (whether it’s indoors or outdoors), and the expected lifespan of the print must be carefully determined.

Next comes file preparation, an area where large format printing truly stands apart. As the scale increases, the resolution of the image becomes critical. Using high-resolution files is non-negotiable. To ensure clarity and sharpness, images should be set at a minimum of 300 dpi at the intended final print size. Additionally, for typography, it’s wise to convert text to outlines to maintain design integrity. And always remember to use the CMYK color mode, ensuring that colors translate accurately during the printing process.

Once you have your image ready, the selection of material is your next critical decision in large format printing. The choice ranges from vinyl banners for events to adhesive-backed materials for storefronts, or even cloth for artistic installations. Each material has its own characteristics, like texture, flexibility, and durability, so it’s essential to choose one that aligns seamlessly with the print’s purpose and location.

Finally, before diving headfirst into the full project, it’s beneficial to run a test print. This preliminary step ensures that the colors are accurate and the image quality meets the expected standards. A test print can help avoid costly mistakes in large format printing and guarantees the final product is nothing short of perfection.

In conclusion, the foundation of any successful large format print lies in its meticulous assessment and preparation.

Large Format Printing: Advanced Printing Techniques and Equipment

The intricacies of large format printing don’t just stop at the preparation phase; the actual printing process itself is a symphony of precision, advanced technology, and attention to detail. To achieve an impeccable finish that stands out and endures, one must leverage cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

Choosing the right printer is fundamental in large format printing. Not all printers are crafted equally, and while many might handle standard printing tasks well, they may falter when faced with large scale projects. Specialized large format printers, whether they be inkjet, solvent, latex, or UV, are engineered to manage bigger prints while ensuring the consistency and vibrancy of every pixel. It’s not merely about size but also about ensuring the integrity of the printed image, from edge to edge.

However, a printer’s prowess is not just about its physical capabilities; the ink it uses plays a pivotal role. Given the vast canvas of large format printing, the choice of ink must not only render colors accurately but also withstand external factors, especially if the print is meant for outdoor use. UV resistant inks, for instance, are essential for prints exposed to direct sunlight, ensuring that they don’t fade prematurely. Proper color management tools and software are equally vital. They guarantee that the colors you see on the screen match what’s laid down on the material, ensuring no unexpected surprises in the final product.

Post-printing, considering finishing techniques can elevate the quality and durability of the print. Laminating can add a protective layer against wear and tear, grommeting facilitates easy hanging for banners, and die-cutting can introduce unique shapes for stand-out displays.

In essence, mastering the art of large format printing requires an intricate dance between advanced techniques and top-tier equipment. When combined, they yield results that are not only visually stunning but also enduring.

Large Format Printing: Installation and Display

The beauty of large format printing is truly unveiled when the prints are showcased in their intended spaces. However, transitioning from the print roll to the final display is not a mere act of pasting or hanging; it demands careful consideration, expertise, and sometimes even artistry.

A pivotal aspect of large format printing display is preparation. The location where the print will grace its presence must be scrutinized. Is it a vast expanse of a mall’s wall or the glass facade of an office building? Regardless of its site, the surface must be immaculately clean, devoid of dust, grease, or any other residue that might interfere with the adhesion or appearance of the print. Especially for adhesive materials, a clean slate is non-negotiable.

Equipped with the right tools and equipment, the installation should proceed seamlessly. Depending on the nature of the print, you might require ladders for high placements, squeegees to push out air bubbles for adhesive installations, or even specific fixtures for hanging banners. Specialized tools and a steady hand ensure that the large prints are free from wrinkles, bubbles, or any misalignments.

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of installation techniques in large format printing. Different prints require different methods. While wall graphics might need careful alignment and smoothening out, floor decals require added emphasis on durability, given they’ll be trodden upon. Likewise, outdoor banners must be installed with considerations for elements like wind or rain, requiring reinforced edges or weighted bottoms.

Post-installation, the care and maintenance of these prints ensure their vibrancy and longevity. Regular cleaning, protecting them from undue stress, and occasional inspections can keep them looking fresh and extend their lifespan.

In the grand tapestry of large format printing, while the print’s quality is paramount, its installation and display truly bring it to life.

Large Format Printing: Marketing and Expansion Opportunities

In a realm as dynamic and visual as large format printing, the culmination of a project doesn’t signify the end; instead, it marks the beginning of new avenues and possibilities. For businesses and professionals in this space, it’s imperative to harness the potential of their completed works and use them as springboards for growth and expansion.

The portfolio is a testament to a company’s capabilities. By meticulously showcasing past large format printing projects, businesses can provide tangible evidence of their expertise. This not only serves as a validation of their skills but also becomes an invaluable marketing tool. A well-curated portfolio, whether displayed on a company website, through social media channels, or in printed brochures, can captivate potential clients and set the stage for future collaborations.

Networking plays a monumental role in expanding one’s footprint in the large format printing industry. By attending industry-specific trade shows, business expos, and networking events, professionals can stay abreast of the latest trends, forge alliances, and secure new contracts. These platforms also offer a golden opportunity to showcase one’s services, attract prospective clients, and receive feedback from peers.

Diversification can be the key to unlocking new revenue streams. By expanding services to encompass related fields, like graphic design, 3D printing, or signage fabrication, businesses can offer a holistic, one-stop-shop experience to their clients. This not only increases revenue opportunities but also solidifies client relationships, making them recurrent and long-lasting.

Lastly, in an industry that’s continually evolving, staying updated is not just beneficial – it’s essential. Regularly investing in new equipment, updating software, and staying informed about emerging technologies ensures that businesses remain at the forefront of large format printing and continue to deliver unparalleled excellence to their clientele.

In summation, while the art and science of large format printing demand precision and expertise, the business’s success hinges on proactive marketing, continual learning, and strategic expansion.

Advantage of Digital Printing


Digital Printing on Foil

Boran Reklam is one of the leading companies in the digital printing sector in Turkey. By following the technology, we have modernized our machines with modern technology and we have signed many innovations with R & D studies that we have continued without interruption. We produce large size 3d Lenticular posters with fewer manufacturers in the world, in European and American quality, but at a much more affordable price. Our special printed tile product, which we have produced with the special protection we have developed, can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, pools in outdoor areas at a more convenient cost compared to our foreign counterparts.

In digital printing business, quality is ensured by having a good knowledge of the products and their usage areas. It requires rigorous work and modern machine parks, besides experience. Boran Reklam has become one of the leading companies in the industry with thousands of happy customers we have worked with in the last 20 years.


Digital printing prices vary depending on the material used, size and quantity. You can call us on our phone number 0216 217 0617, or you can fill out the form on our contact page below to get detailed information about the prices.

Samples from Our Digital Printing Works

Large format wallpaper printing
Large Format Digital Printing
Large Format Digital Banner Printing
Wide Format Digital Printed Glass Wall Panel
Digital printed large format window decals
digital printed car wraping


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Boran Reklam,serving since 1994, has become one of the leading companies of advertising industry in the process over 20 years. Our company provides many services for local and international corporate customers with modern machinery courses including outdoor advertising, digital printing, uv printing, signage, movable advertising systems, and vehicle dressing.


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