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Frameless textile – fabric printing is something everyone appreciates. With the advancement of printing technology, you can now print anything and one of the most suitable and great material to print on fabric or textured fabric. If you are wondering what can be the advantages of frameless fabric printing then you must take a look at these great features of backlit lightbox displays. Tension fabric graphics are the most popular items at retail marketing.

You can start frameless textile printing with almost any kind or size of fabric. You need some fabric, you can easily do the frameless textile printing on any size of fabric.

SEG Aluminium Frame Production

Boran Reklam provides one stop production for aluminium frameless silicon edge fabric printing. We have different types of aluminium profiles suitable to your project. Fabric tension is 100% guaranteed by us.

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Introduction to the LED Fabric Light Box

In today’s visual-centric world, capturing and sustaining audience attention is more challenging than ever before. Amidst this panorama of ever-evolving display technologies, the LED fabric light box emerges as a beacon of innovation. Not only does it marry two seemingly contrasting elements — the malleability of fabric and the brilliance of LED lights — but it also crafts a visual experience unlike any other.

So, what precisely is an LED fabric light box? Imagine a canvas where the softness of fabric meets the luminous glow of LEDs. This tool, with its evenly lit surface, creates a vibrant display, making any graphic, logo, or advertisement come alive with vibrancy and precision. Its appeal isn’t just in its visual output but also in its ability to convey messages with greater impact. When a viewer encounters an advertisement showcased in an LED fabric light box, the chances of it leaving a lasting impression increase manifold.

The surge in its popularity can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the LED fabric light box, with its soft diffusion of light, eliminates harsh shadows or uneven lighting — a common problem in traditional light boxes. This ensures that every inch of the displayed content shines with consistency, lending it an almost ethereal glow. Secondly, it’s not just a tool for advertisers. Artists, photographers, and designers have found value in using the LED fabric light box to showcase their work, elevating it to new dimensions of viewer engagement.

In conclusion, the LED fabric light box is more than just a display tool; it’s a revolution in visual communication. Whether you’re a brand aiming to strengthen its presence or an artist seeking a new medium, this innovative fusion of fabric and light could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Components and Construction of the LED Fabric Light Box

The allure and effectiveness of the LED fabric light box lie in its intricate construction, a harmonious blend of design, technology, and material. Understanding its components gives insight into why this display tool stands out in a crowded market of visual solutions.

At its core, the LED fabric light box is structured around three pivotal components:

  1. The LED Lighting System: The backbone of the LED fabric light box, the lighting system is meticulously designed to provide uniform illumination across the fabric. Using energy-efficient LED lights, it ensures that the display is brilliantly lit without consuming excessive electricity. These LEDs are strategically placed to distribute light evenly, preventing hotspots or dim areas, which can detract from the viewer’s experience.
  2. The Fabric: A crucial element that distinguishes the LED fabric light box from its counterparts is the fabric used. This isn’t just any ordinary cloth. It’s specifically designed to diffuse light evenly, ensuring that the entire display glows uniformly. Furthermore, the fabric is stretchable, making it perfect for taut, wrinkle-free displays. The edges of the fabric often come with a silicone edge, allowing for easy installation and graphic changes.
  3. The Frame: Holding everything together is the sturdy yet lightweight frame. Typically made from aluminum, it provides the necessary support while ensuring the LED fabric light box remains portable. Its design allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making it an excellent choice for brands and businesses that frequently participate in trade shows or move their displays.

In essence, the LED fabric light box is a masterpiece of engineering and design. Each component, from the luminous LEDs to the special fabric, works in tandem to present visuals in their best light. This harmonization of technology and design is what makes the LED fabric light box a preferred choice for those seeking impactful visual displays.

Advantages of Using an LED Fabric Light Box

The dynamic world of visual display has witnessed numerous innovations, but few have made as pronounced an impact as the LED fabric light box. Its rising popularity isn’t a mere trend but a testament to the manifold advantages it offers over traditional display methods. Here’s a closer look at the inherent benefits of this modern marvel.

  1. Superior Illumination: The combination of LED technology with specially designed fabric ensures a consistent and vibrant illumination. Unlike traditional light boxes that might exhibit uneven lighting or glare, the LED fabric light box radiates a soft, even glow across its entire surface. This ensures that every detail of the displayed content shines brilliantly, making it impossible to ignore.
  2. Energy Efficiency: A distinct advantage of LED lighting is its energy-saving properties. The LED fabric light box, with its advanced LED system, consumes significantly less electricity than other lighting methods. This not only translates to reduced operational costs but also underscores a commitment to environmentally conscious practices.
  3. Flexibility and Adaptability: The malleable fabric allows for easy graphic changes, offering businesses the agility to refresh their messaging or visuals as needed. This adaptability makes the LED fabric light box perfect for dynamic sectors where change is constant.
  4. Durability and Longevity: Built with high-quality materials, the LED fabric light box is designed for durability. The LEDs themselves have an impressive lifespan, often lasting up to 50,000 hours or more. This makes it a long-term investment, offering repeated use across various events and campaigns.
  5. Enhanced Engagement: Beyond its technical attributes, the sheer visual appeal of the LED fabric light box captivates audiences. Its luminous display naturally draws the eye, increasing viewer engagement and ensuring that the displayed content is not just seen but remembered.

In a nutshell, the LED fabric light box isn’t just another display tool. It’s a strategic asset, offering businesses and artists alike a potent combination of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, setting the gold standard in contemporary visual displays.

Customization and Versatility of the LED Fabric Light Box

In a world where individuality reigns supreme, the one-size-fits-all approach no longer suffices. Recognizing this, the LED fabric light box has been designed with customization at its forefront. This adaptability lends itself to a variety of applications and environments.

  1. Size Variability: Whether you require a compact display for a boutique storefront or a sprawling canvas for a convention, the LED fabric light box can be tailored to your desired dimensions. This ensures optimal impact regardless of space constraints.
  2. Shape Flexibility: Beyond standard rectangular displays, the LED fabric light box can be molded into diverse shapes, from elegant curves to abstract designs. This is a testament to the pliability of the fabric and the adaptability of the LED system.
  3. Light Intensity Control: Depending on the ambiance and setting, the brightness of the LED fabric light box can be adjusted. This capability ensures that the display remains impactful, whether under the bright lights of a trade show or the dimmed environment of an art gallery.
  4. Custom Graphics: The ease of changing graphics in the LED fabric light box allows businesses and artists to frequently update their visuals. This dynamic feature ensures that displays remain relevant and timely, catering to ever-evolving audience preferences.

Maintenance and Care for Your LED Fabric Light Box

An investment in an LED fabric light box warrants care to ensure longevity and consistent performance. With a few simple steps, you can ensure your display remains in pristine condition.

  1. Cleaning: The fabric component can be gently hand-washed or spot cleaned with a mild detergent, ensuring that it remains free from dust and stains. It’s crucial to let it air dry completely before reinserting it into the frame.
  2. LED Maintenance: The LED lights in the fabric light box are low maintenance by design. However, periodic checks can ensure they’re functioning at their optimal capacity.
  3. Frame Care: The aluminum frame, being sturdy yet lightweight, can be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove any accumulated dust or fingerprints.
  4. Storage: If the LED fabric light box isn’t in use, it’s best stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. This preserves the quality of both the fabric and the LEDs.

In essence, while the LED fabric light box is a durable and robust display tool, regular care can enhance its lifespan, ensuring it remains a glowing testament to your brand or artwork for years to come.

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Aluminium Profile

We have several different aluminium profiles which are suitable for silicon edge technology. Our experts help you about desired profiles for you.

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One of the main reasons of popularity for frameless textile prints is the affordability it allows. SEG ( Silicon Edge Graphics) light boxes are very low in cost and you can get a great quality result with a very tiny amount of cost. Inks used for frameless textile printing makes it cost low and these inks are also great in quality with VOC free certificate.. So if you are looking to get a great quality of silicon edge fabric printing, Boran Reklam is the biggest supplier of frameless  fabric printing across Turkey market.

Check latest printed fabric projects from our catalogue.

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Silicon edge fabric graphics provide thousands of opportunities. All profiles can be wall mounted as well as with special equipments. Also we have double side profiles for double attention.

Great Printing Quality

We have special ICC profiles for backlit fabric printing to achieve real and vivid colors. 20-years-experience on printing industry.

Light and Portable

Backlit fabric printed products are lighter than traditional advertising products. Also it can be rollable if we compare to rigid acrylic. Easy installation with silicon edge technology.

Modern Apperance

Backlit fabric printing is more popular with frameless view and thinner profiles. Tension system works with silicon edges to special profiles.

Silikon Edge Tension System

Fabric printing has totally different than duratrans. Printed fabrics can be easily adapted into edge of aluminium profiles through to silicon channel. Thanks to this silicone edge tension system, printed fabrics can be produced without the needs of frames.

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Another main feature of frameless textile printing is the environmental friendly charecteristic of printing technology used in it. All kinds of printing techniques have an effect on the environment but a very low environmental impact is caused by frameless textile printing. Inks and powders used for frameless textile printing do not pollute the environment at all as compared to other kinds of printing which use chemicals and hazardous substances.

More variation is possible using digital printed textile fabric as the combinations of colors and designs which can be used are countless. There is a wide range of choices you can make while using frameless textile printing. These fabrics can be used in interior design to the fashion industry.

Last but not the least colors and quality of frameless textile printing is immaculate. You can get exactly the same design of digital print using frameless textile printing. It allows you to print any kind of image, design or pattern on fabric with 100 % accuracy and quality.

If you are looking for frameless textile printing you must hire us to do it for you as we are the best in the market.



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