Retail Printing

    We print retail elements to all over the world.

    Taking a brand out into the wild presents a great opportunity to make a lasting impression and build loyalty. Special care is required to ensure the brand’s identity remains consistent and by understanding the brand and campaign goals RPS tailors distinctive and effective event graphics to deliver a memorable brand experience.

    Retail Printing Service in Turkey
    Digital UV Printing on Wood

    UV Printing

    Expand your boundaries at printing.

    Sunlight and water resistant UV printing that can be applied on almost any material is in Boran Reklam. Flatbed UV printing machine can print all flat surfaces in 5.08 cm thickness. High-quality digital printing solutions for even 2,5 x 3,05 meter wide materials. It can be applied directly to Glass, PVC Foam, Wood, Ceramics, forex, Plexiglass (Acrylic) and many other materials and gives perfect results.

    The printed product is ready to use just after printing as inks dries in one second. You need to wait 8 hours for dye retention. Our UV printing machine also has a roll-to-roll option. You can print series on canvas, banner, vinyl-like materials in rolls. The print speed in an hour can be up to 35 square meters on the flatbed while it is 24 square meters square the roller. Photo quality images thanks to 1440 dpi print options. Since water-based inks were used, no negative effects on health were found. Because of this, you can use it in bathroom, kitchen, furniture and many other areas comfortably.

    Digital Printing

    High-quality prints on your Outdoor Ads

    Digital printing is a high quality, fast way to convert advertisements into graphical designs created on a computerized media with different application areas on different materials. Coated Banner, one way vision, vinyl, mesh, canvas and other materials are indispensable for digital printing. Digital printing is divided into two parts as INDOOR and OUTDOOR in terms of application area. Indoor applications are used in many different works such as showcases, back-lit and non-lit panels in shops and restaurants, interior design, photography and posters.

    Outdoor advertisements solutions with High Quality Digital Printing

    Indoor digital printing is more vivid and higher in image quality than outdoor digital printing, but the printing materials used are not resistant to sunlight. Outdoor digital printing is used in billboards and banners used in outdoor advertising, vehicle dressing, retail shop windows, building exteriors. In a nutshell, digital printing is done wherever advertising or visuals are in the foreground. Following the technology, Boran Reklam frequently renews its digital printing technologies and provides better quality service to its customers.

    Fayans üzerine UV Baskı ile klasik fayanslar ile kendinizi sınırlamak zorunda değilsiniz.

    Tile Printing

    Durable printing on tile in architectural areas

    Boran Reklam is carrying the UV printing technology a step ahead, thanks to its special protection system, which can be used easily in printed ceramic tiles in every area where tiles are used. FayansArt, a brand of Boran Reklam; you can use printed tiles and ceramics with proven quality in kitchen, bathroom, bath, pool and all kinds of architectural projects.

    It can respond to large and small projects with the capacity to print on any size. Thanks to this special protection system, products are with full protection against all chemical cleaning materials like salt spirit, bleach, chlorine.

    3D Lenticular Printing

    3D Printing is replacing traditional printing

    3rd dimension in advertising: Lenticular – 3D Printing. Get ahead of your competitors with three-dimensional digital printing technology. Lenticular – 3D digital print advertising visuals are far more noticeable and memorable than other digital print products. Research shows that the proportion of those who are interested in lenticular 3d print promotions is extremely high (96%).

    Expand your boundaries with large format 3D Lenticular printing.

    The ratio of those who examine three-dimensional posters is five times that of classic digital posters (69% -14%). This technology allows you to see three-dimensional effects such as depth, change (flip) or animation without glasses. Material thicknesses vary between 3 mm and 4 mm. 3D Lenticular printing has its own special material. For this reason, three-dimensional effects cannot be applied on any desired material.

    Scrolling Systems which are include Megalight, Billboard, Ad Panel and Trivision.

    Scrolling Systems

    5 times more effective advertising

    Panels with Scrolling Systems are far more striking than other fixed panels and provide effective results. The possibility of presenting 3 advertisements in a physical area is more profitable and prestigious than the fixed panel for companies.Scrolling Systems Advertising can be used in outdoors as ad panels, Megalight and billboards, as well as in interior spaces, in the form of more aesthetic panels made of different models and materials. For more detailed information, check out our Boran Reklam Scrolling Systems service page.


    You can learn more about our projects from our customer service by contacting Boran Reklam which brings together all your needs in outdoor advertising and printing area under one roof.

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