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Scrolling Systems

CLP, Megalight, Trivision, Billboard

Scrolling Systems are a very effective type of advertising to distinguish you from other companies. Generally, megalight, CLP, billboard and bus shelters are included in trivision Scrolling Systems. You can offer three separate ads in the same physical environment with these products. In this way, you can present your products to your customers with more effective advertising and at cheaper costs.

Note: We are not leasing the advertisement space; we produce and sell Advertising Boards and Scrolling Systems.


Scrolling Systems Prices vary according to the type of the advertisement board (Megalight, CLP, billboard etc), the amount, and the way of usage (indoor-outdoor, wall type, single – duplex, etc.). Therefore, prices will be determined according to your project. Contact us immediately to get the price, send the project details, and we will find the solution that suits you best.



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High Impact Power

Mobile advertising systems attract attention of 67% of people.

Scrolling systems that can be applied on different sizes from 220x340cm to 50x70cm are very easy and practical in the assembly phase, poster exchange phase, in case of any breakdown and in terms of changing parts. The effects on people can be increased by using lighting systems in products such as megalight, CLP, billboard and bus stops.

During the assembly and after-sales service phase, our expert team provides uninterrupted support. One of the most important issues in after-sales service in Scrolling Systems is the warranty of spare parts, which is guaranteed by our company.

Full support to our customers during the assembly of Scrolling Systems and after sales.

Our mission, which is a hundred percent customer satisfaction, continues to work continuously on R&D by evaluating positive and negative feedbacks from our customers in this direction.
Our motor systems and raw materials used for mobile advertising systems are CE certificated.

Boran Scrolling

Boran Scrolling

You can get more detailed information about our products from the website of Boran Scrolling Systems, our brand for mobile advertising products.

Boran Scrolling
Boran Scrolling Systems



The advertising CLP panels are manufactured as fixed and movable. Resistant to climate conditions, gaseous piston thrusters are used for easy opening and closing.

CLP Ad Box
Megalight Ad Scrolling Systems


Megalights is a special outdoor product that promote quality perception with its sleek looks in busy squares, shopping malls and crowded streets, display great visuals and recall the campaigns.


Widely used billboards are the best-known outdoor advertising tool. They provide the highest level of visibility of the ad. Billboards are a fast way to convey campaign messages.

Mobile Advertising


Scrolling Systems have given advertising a different dimension. It is more economical than all other advertising circles and offers free advertising space for product promotion.


Today, as public transport becomes increasingly prevalent and important, bus stops are bringing millions of consumers together at this point.

Bus Shelter

Samples of Scrolling Systems

Megalight – July 2008
trivision loreal
Turkcell CLP Advertising
Bus Shelter

Scrolling systems System Features

  • Operation and stop feature in the desired hour unit (3 different programs can be arranged during the day)
  • The ability to stop at the desired picture at desired hour.
  • Turn and off the lightening system of the megalight, CLP and billboards at desired hour.
  • Ability to automatically adjust the tension of banners on megalight, racket boards and mobile billboards where the mobile advertising system is located.
  • The ability to adjust the idle times of individual banners separately.
  • Ability to work with multiple megalight, CLP and scrolling billboards synchronously.
  • The ability to adjust the banner rotation speed to the fast, medium and slow mode on megalight, racket boards and mobile billboards.
  • Exclusive design that enables the installation or replacement of the mobile advertising system on existing megalight, CLP and mobile billboards in a short time and with ease.
  • Practical and understandable manual control feature.

20 Years of Experience

If you are looking for a supplier that will work long term and trouble free for your Scrolling Systems needs, you are in the right place! We are pleased to see you among your references with our 20 years of experience and solution-focused approach.

FAQs about Scrolling Systems

All our construction systems have a 3 year warranty.

We do not provide assembly service. We can meet all your production needs.

Scrolling systems are our expertise within mobile advertising systems. With our high production capacity, we can provide your orders in a short time.

We offer 3 year spare parts guarantee for our Scrolling Systems.

With 20 years’ experience in Digital Printing, our company offers all printing solutions about solvent, UV and Digital Printing.

With electro-static paint systems, we guarantee non-fading on your systems for many years.

With special lighted print modes you can get brilliant colors even in backlit panels.

We can make special production with custom measurements.



You can contact us on 0090 216 217 06 17 between 08:00 and 18:00 (GMT +3) during weekdays. You are very welcome to call us to ask for details or visit our uv printing center to get more detailed information about our services and see printing samples on different materials.
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