Large Format 3d Lenticular Printing

Lenticular printing is very popular these days as it is a very effective way of attracting peoples’ attention. This is printing technology that produces 3D effect on flat surfaces. This technology makes use of lenticular lenses. These lenticular lenses are responsible for producing 3D effect by creating an illusion of depth. It also imparts the effect of movement to image when the image is viewed from different angles.

The use of these Lenticular lenses produces various animation effects such as blinking of eyes and changing the text depending on the angle from which image is viewed. In common terms, 3D Lenticular printings are called as “Winkies” or “Flickers“.

Large Format 3D Lenticular Posters

There are various printing service providers that offer high-quality 3D Lenticular Printing. Lenticular printings are also available in large formats. These large format 3D lenticular printings can be used as city-lights, promotional stands, poster and large murals. The very significant advantage of this technology is that it gives the sense of depth without using any special devices such as lenses used to view the 3D movies. This is the main reason that has made this technology so popular in such small period of time.

People are finding it a great way for marketing and promotion of their shops or products as these lenticular printings are very effective grabbing peoples’ attention. You can get lenticular printings in various sizes and forms. Few of the examples are as follows:

Example of Large Format Lenticulars

These large formats include murals, posters for city-lights, etc. Poster of any size can be created using this technology. These lenticular printing solutions are available of both indoor and outdoor purposes. The size of posters may vary from A3 size to 120X150 cm to hundreds of square meters. These posters can be laminated or framed as per requirements.

Large Format Lenticular Advertising Samples

Multipanel Lenticular Installation

This is the very challenging form of lenticular printing as it requires extraordinary precision. This includes the display of a single image in multiple lenticular panels placed side by side. It is very necessary that all the panels are in synch and accurately placed beside each other.  Apart from synchronized panels, it has one more variant that is called Adjustable panels. This one is less challenging but is highly attractive.

Special 3D Lenticular Products

Apart from these attractive products, there are few other products that are highly customized and are made on special order of clients. For large format lenticular, these specialized formats are as follows:

  • Flip Flop banners
  • Lenticular shelf-liners
  • Stands

You can get lenticular printing solution in wide price range. The price depends on quality and quantity of lenticular sheets used in creating lenticular printing.



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