Application Area of Custom Printed Woods

Printed woods have become very popular these days. There are several artistic items that can be created by painting directly on wood. These painted wood items can be used in various ways such as for decoration, as a gift item and a lot more.

Wood is very porous in nature and therefore it absorbs ink well. Wood printing looks great and offers an innovative way to express and display your imaginative world on wood. Wood printing remains clearly visible even after the prolonged exposure to moisture or sunlight. If you want to get photos printed on wood, custom printed woods can be helpful way for you. Apart from photos you can get any portrait, scenery or any sort of abstract painting printed on wooden base.

A good service provider can create customized prints with various colors, quotes and text to create beautiful prints on wood. Few of the very common application areas of custom printed woods are as follows:

Home Décor

You can enhance the décor and interior of your home and office by using customized printed woods. These printed woods can be used as wall hangings. Most commonly used wood for customized wood printing is plywood. It is light in weight and can be easily cut into rectangular or square slabs of any dimensions.
Therefore you can get the wall hanging made to a size and shape that is exactly as per your wall’s dimensions.

It is durable and is not broken easily. As the painting is directly printed on wood, therefore it does not require any layer of glass sheet over it. It makes it easy to maintain and carry from one place to the other.

Print on Furniture with special coating UV printing.

Wooden Name Plate

You can get an awesome, unique and stylish wooden name plate designed for your home. You can add the beauty of printed woods at the entrance of your home. You can put some amazing designs and art on the wood with the help of custom printed wood services. The wood used for these name plates is not deteriorated by rain and sunlight easily.

Wood Printing Sample

Customized Wood Print to Showcase any Photo

Customized wood print is the best way to showcase any photo of your choice such as scenic backgrounds, pets, wedding shots, family photo, etc. It is really very easy to get it printed on sustainable and beautiful wood. This can be a beautiful piece to decorate walls of your drawing room or bedroom. Get your pictures printed on wood and make the memory last forever. It is a very easy and simple way to conserve your memories.

You can easily preserve your favorite and unforgettable moments in very amazing and unique way. This can also be a wonderful gift option. Everyone would love to see his/her picture printed on wood as it really looks beautiful. It can be the best gift for someone’s birthday, anniversary or wedding. You can gift the moments of happiness to someone in the form of custom printed wood.

For Displays at Your Shops

Printed wood is really a great option to be used as display board for your shop. It gives a classy look to your shop and will definitely help you attract more and more customers.



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