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Boran Reklam is a leading signage company in Istanbul – Turkey which provides the needed solution for indoor signages and outdoor signages. We provide production and installation with our in house team, with over 25 years experience. Any complex signage projects is ready in a short time period with the highest precision.

Our aim has always been to keep our clients satisfied with our products. That’s why we have different departments for every single step from site survey to installation. Channel Letter Sign, Backlit , Reverselit or frontlit channels, dimensional acrylic signs and stainless steel signs are the most preferred signs in the industry.

We ship all over the world.

We ship all over the world. 10 days’ delivery time all over the Europe with air shipping. We carefully pack our signs and have never faced any damaged signs until now!



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Channel Letter Sign

A traditional channel letter sign is a bespoke produced 3D letter made of acrylic or aluminum and has a special channel in which a light source is placed for lighting the letters. These letters are typically lightened with LED’s from face or back. – LED lighting is the the most popular lighting method since they are energy saver and most cost effective to last long. Channel letter Signs are  the most visible around and the most versatile and have the best visual impression night or day.

Channel letter Signs are a very commonly used in the industry.  Mostly, they are separate letters that are mounted on to your space.

Channel Letter Sign
Acrylic Sign Letter

Illuminated Channel Letters Sign

Illuminated Channel Letter is lightened by LED. Our Illuminated Signs prepared for easy installation by anyone. Our products are 100% ready to install, including mounting elements. Mounting elements are produced to make installation easier and faster. It doesn’t require any electrical knowledge after following instructions.

We use high performance cast acrylic for perfect light transition. Illuminated with RGB LED colors and powder coating in all possible RAL colors. Bespoke channel letter solution is also available in the production house. The best thing is, we can produce any shape of channel letters in house. That’s why we provide full signage solution all over the world.

Stainless Steel Letters

Brushed aluminum or Stainless steel is a perfect way to create a visual sign. Metal signs that we produce will shine like new and remain eye-catching, thanks to the corrosion-resistant qualities of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Entrance signs and company logos are meant to be noticed from time to time again. Let us expertly craft a solution that will keep heads turning for years to come.

With a wide range of finished and mounting options, Stainless Steel Signs will help you to create the ideal sign for your company. We also produce waterjet-cut stainless steel signs and special logos with high quality results.

Reverse Lit Sign
Totem and Pylon Production

Pylon Signs and Monument

Pylon and monument signs are the best way to get noticed, and these are referred to Totem Sign, Pylon Tower, Totem Pole Signage. A Pylon sign and Totem signs are  tall signage advertising structure at the side of a shop, gate, bridge, or business avenue, Pylon signs usually mark an entrance or approach.Pylon Totem is a constantly growing use. Pylon signages used at entrances to shopping malls, airport entrances, parks and stadiums. Actually the main thing is in pylon represents your company at the entrance. Installation and maintainance are easier than other signages.

We specialise in Shopping Centre Pylon Signs, Office Park Directional Pylons and Petrol Station Totem Pole Signage, Informational Pylon Signage is effective in any area where roadside visibility is a must.

Aluminium Sign Powder Coating

Finishing Solution at Signage

We have coating powder and painting solutions for requested RAL Code.

Signage Solution Provider

Boran Reklam, which started its activity in 1994, has become one of the leading companies of advertising industry in the process over 25 years.