Custom Printed Ceramics for Restaurant

Custom Printed Ceramic Tiles

Durable UV Prints on ceramic tiles thanks to specially developed protection

As a Boran Reklam brand, FayansArt has developed a printed ceramic tile system, resulting from its R & D work, which was carried out in 2015, resistant to chemical cleaning materials. With the digital printing system gradually releasing its place to UV Printing systems, the decoration sector also began to integrate with the printing industry. You can print any image you want at the desired scale depending on the quality of the image.



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  • Special Protection Developed By Us

  • Unlimited Images Options

  • Suitable For Wet Areas (Bathroom, Kitchen, Swimming Pool)

  • Suitable For Using at Outside

  • Best Quality Turkish Ceramic Tiles

  • Excellent price offer for orders over 300 sqm

Custom Printed Bath Tiles
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Custom Printed Tiles

You can get more detailed information about the printed tiles from our FayansArt website, which is our brand printing on tiles.


You can have a complete picture print with tiles as you can see in the picture, or you can print the image you want on a single tile. Creativity at this point is completely left to our customers. We can decorate our houses which we spent a long time in an artistic way, so that we do not want to go out.

The Tiles Printing system we have developed has complete protection against wiping and cleaning chemicals.

Excellent quality combined with durability

Thanks to the formula we have developed on tiles and ceramics, it has been made completely resistant to cleaning materials after printing. No paint can be removed with wiping in any way.

We can make tile prints in desired dimensions and amounts. There is no guarantee against collisions except for wiping, because the impact does not damage the paint, but the tiles directly.



You can contact us on 0090 216 217 06 17  between 09:00 and 19:00 during weekdays. You are very welcomed to call us for ask details or visit our uv printing center to get more detailed information about our services and see printing samples on different materials.

Boran Reklam, which started its activity in 1994, has become one of the leading companies of advertising industry in the process over 20 years. Our company provides many services for local and international corporate customers with modern machinery courses including outdoor advertising, digital printing, uv printing, signage, movable advertising systems, and vehicle dressing.


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