Frameless Textile Printing

Frameless textile printing is something everyone appreciates. With the advancement of printing technology, you can now print anything or everything and one of the most suitable and great material to print is on textile or fabric. If you are wondering what can be the advantages of frameless textile printing then you must take a look at these great features of frameless textile fabric printing.

You can start frameless textile printing with almost any kind or size of fabric. You need a square piece of fabric or meters long fabric you can easily do the frameless textile printing on any size of fabric.

frameless textile printing sample

One of the main reasons of popularity for frameless textile prints is the affordability it allows. Digital textile printing is very low in cost and you can get a great quality result with a very tiny amount of funds. Inks used for frameless textile printing makes it cost low and these inks are also great in quality. So if you are looking to get a great quality of textile printing backlit light box you must choose Boran Reklam which is the biggest supplier of frameless textile printing across the nation.

led lightning of frameless fabric light box

Another main feature of frameless textile printing is the environmental friendly contribution of printing technology used in it. All kinds of printing techniques have an effect on the environment but a very low environmental impact is caused by frameless textile printing. Inks and powders used for frameless textile printing do not pollute the environment at all as compared to other kinds of printing which use chemicals and hazardous substances.

More variation is possible using digital printed textile fabric as the combinations of colors and designs which can be used are countless. There is a wide range of choices you can make while using frameless textile printing. These fabrics can be used in interior design to the fashion industry.

Last but not the least colors and quality of frameless textile printing is immaculate. You can get exactly the same design of digital print using frameless textile printing. It allows you to print any kind of image, design or pattern on fabric with 100 % accuracy and quality.

If you are looking for frameless textile printing you must hire Boran Reklam to do the job as they are the market best in it.



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